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Aviation Seapass - aérotourisme
votage avion - chasse et pêche
voyage chasse et pêche par avion - Aviation Seapass

What is the buying process?

Here are the steps when buying an airplane or helicopter with us:

1. We test the plane or helicopter on a flight before your test drive.

3. We accompany you during the pre-purchase. We advise you according to your needs and we do a flight test with you.

4. We complete the inspection before your purchase

(Bel Air Aviation-OMA 43-91).

5. We complete the transfer of ownership.

6. We complete Transport Canada's documentation.

7. We provide training on the operation of the device (check on type).


What is the sales process (brokerage / sale between individuals)? 

Here are the steps when you want to sell your plane or helicopter with us!

1. We assess your Aircraft before the sale.

2. We offer you a sale price proposal based on market value and current market comparables.

3. We protect the Canadian market by selling as much as possible in our territory.

4. We offer our expertise and our network to facilitate the sale of your aircraft.


What type of device do you sell?

We specialize in the sale of  Seaplanes / Airplanes / Amphibians as well as Helicopters.


Is it possible to take advantage of your services for a stay?

Yes, we offer a guide service from our aircraft to accompany you from yours to enjoy stays, among others, for hunting and fishing. We specialize in bush flying. It will be our pleasure to share our passion with you during a group stay and to ensure that your experience is memorable.


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